Thursday, July 20, 2006

Composing the Semantic Web

Welcome to my blog! I will use this space to muse about various topics related to ontology development and the Semantic Web in general. This is based on my background as a tool developer, and my experience with ongoing ontology design projects.

As some may know I am working with TopQuadrant, in their office at NASA AMES Research Park in Moffett Field, California. Before joining TopQuadrant, I was responsible for the Protege-OWL ontology editor from Stanford, and before that I worked in various research areas including agile software development and multi-agent systems.

Beside various customer projects with NASA I am developing a tool known as TopBraid Composer - and some of my comments here should be seen in the light of this tool. I'll try to keep the product advertisement ratio low, while at the same time I will use this channel to notify our users about new or hidden features of TopBraid.


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