Friday, November 09, 2007

TopBraid Composer - Maestro Edition

I am thrilled to announce TopBraid Composer 2.4.0. This release features significant usability improvements (graph editing and support for multiple editors/forms for the same file), and also Oracle 11g integration. Please check our web page for a detailed list of changes.

With version 2.4.0 we are also launching an extended version of TopBraid Composer, called the Maestro Edition. Maestro includes all features of Standard TBC, but also comes with many new and extremely powerful capabilities that are not present in the Standard Edition. A detailed list of new features of Maestro is available online, but here is a summary:
  • A built-in TopBraid Live test server for rapid application development.
  • Support for document generation with semantic Java Server Pages.
  • SparqlMotion: A new visual semantic web scripting language comparable with Yahoo Pipes.
  • Semantic XML: A new technology to import arbitrary XML files, and to query, edit and export them back to XML.
  • BIRT: A SPARQL-based visual report generation and charting tool kit.
  • EMail import to OWL for semantic analysis of emails.

I will write more about all those capabilities in the next few days. Stay tuned!

The Maestro Edition is available for download now and we have reset the evaluation period so that all users can get a fresh view on the tool.


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