Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GRDDL Support in TopBraid Composer

This blog has been quiet for some time now, but we have not been idle. The new version 1.3.0 of TopBraid Composer introduces several new features and comes with a significantly cleaned-up core architecture. The new design sets the stage for a family of new tools and components in the TopBraid Suite, including AJAX based widgets for RDF/OWL editing, and a robust client-server architecture. But more on these components in the next weeks.

One of the new features in version 1.3 is support for GRDDL, an evolving W3C draft that allows developers to embed RDF into documents such as XHTML pages. TopBraid Composer can now read GRDDL documents and use them as RDF graphs. Comparable to Composer's RDFa support, GRDDL graphs can be imported into other RDF or OWL models and then used for querying, reasoning, visualization and all other services of the TopBraid platform. Acknowledgements to our newest team member, Gokhan Soydan for implementing the GRDDL support!

Another exciting new feature is Composer's support for AllegroGraph - a massively scalable RDF triple store. We will do another posting on this shortly.

I am in Athens, Georgia, this week, attending ISWC.


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